Team and Project Questions

Where is the company located?

YouToken Capital PTE. LTD is incorporated in Singapore and registered at the address of 101 Cecil Street #16-04 Tong Eng Building Singapore 069533. YouToken also has an office located in Menlo Park, CA.

Where can I find out more about the team?

You can learn more information about the team on the homepage of our website - youtoken.io.

Who are your competitors?

There are four types of competitors:

  • Business Angels‍
  • ‍Traditional Crowdfunding Platforms (such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc)
  • ‍Traditional Banks and new type P2P lending sites (such as Lending Club)
  • ‍Business Accelerators and VCs (more like a partners)
  • Modern “Blockchain” Competitors
What differentiates your model?
  • Getting featured on YouToken is easy (we give freedom to every creator)
  • Our tech experts have designed and developed 4 types of unique smart contracts
  • YouToken has an internal exchange where users can purchase/sell/trade creator tokens (tokens representing creative “tokenized” individuals)
Who are your partners?

Our partners are featured on the YouToken homepage and whitepaper.

Link to website: https://www.youtoken.io/

Link to Whitepaper: https://ico.youtoken.io/whitepaper


Token Questions

What was earned during the pre-ICO stage?
When is your ICO?

The crowdsale process is split into 3 stages:

1st Stage:  Pre-Order (1st February - 15th March 2018)

2nd Stage: Proof-of-Concept Crowdsale (16th March - 1st April)

3d Stage  DAICO (1st May - 30th June 2018).

How do I contribute?
  • You can support our project today by investing in YTN. Link: https://www.youtoken.io/preorder
  • ‍Once the platform is launched, you will be able to register on YouToken as an investor or entrepreneur.
Who can purchase YTN? Are there any limitations?

Any person can choose to support our project. There is no whitelist. Though there are legal limitations imposed on some countries (learn more here: https://www.youtoken.io/ytn-coin-purchase-agreement)

What is the price of the token?

The initial YTN price is $0.10.

The YTN price during our “DAICO” stage is - $0.15 (MAY - JUNE).

What is the minimum investment ?

There is no minimum investment but we recommend everyone to purchase at least 100 YTN.

Why did you increase the price of YTN from $0.01 to $.10?

Starting from March 1st and until the end of the Proof-of-Concept Crowdsale, the price of YTN will be increased from $0.01 to $0.10. We are going to mint up to 100M tokens at this stage which will end on April 1st. By the time our main, ICO/tokensale stage begins, we will have 1 billion tokens priced at $0.15 each. The reasoning behind this price growth at the “DAICO” stage is as follows:

  • Launch of our platform
  • Introduction of the first "tokenized" entrepreneurs on our platform
  • Establishment of legal structure.

If you purchased tokens with an ethereum address, then we will send your YTN to your wallet. If you did not purchase tokens with an ethereum address, then please sign up on our “member ledger” to import/view your transactions so we can transfer  tokens directly to your account.

If you forgot/lost your fiat transaction ID then please contact customer service at support@youtoken.io and provide us with the necessary info (time, date, last four digits of the card your used to pay and the amount of your fiat transaction).

When will tokens be distributed?

Tokens will be distributed in two crowdsales:

  1. 100,000,000 YTN from 16th March to 1st April (35% tokens goes to community)
  2. 1,000,000,000 YTN from May to June (35% tokens goes to community)
Can YTN be transferred?

Because of technical restrictions, we cannot transfer YTN between Ethereum wallets during the crowdsale. Until the end of the ICO (June, 2018) all YTN can be transferred only once (from the YouToken pay-in wallet to the external wallet of the client.)

What is the total supply of Tokens?

1B YTN. You can learn more about the token distribution here: https://ico.youtoken.io/whitepaper

What will the number of circulating tokens be?

Tokens will be circulated freely after the crowdsale ends. Also, in regards to our distribution model, we will freeze some tokens for a couple months after the crowdsale to avoid any negative market movements of the YTN price. Regarding this, we will circulate these parts of the total supply by the following dates:

  • June – Sep: 35% of tokens circulated (also 15% issued for community advisorship and growth also can be owned and circulated in most cases)
  • Sep – Dec: 60% of tokens circulated (including company advisors’ tokens + community advisors tokens)
  • Since Dec: 85% of tokens can be circulated (including Company’s managers & founders tokens).
How does your token work? What is the difference between YTN and YTN_creatorname?

YTN: The total value of the YouToken platform is expressed in YTN tokens. YTN token is an asset that can be purchased/sold/traded on crypto exchanges. The YTN token price depends on the quantity of entrepreneurs registered on YouToken and the quality of their projects.

YTN token is a tradable asset that can be bought/ sold/traded on external crypto-exchanges

YTN_creatorname: YouToken assigns creator tokens (YTN_creatorname) to each entrepreneur who is registered on the marketplace. Investors who are willing to support entrepreneurs’ creative ideas/projects are given the possibility to purchase the entrepreneurs’ creator tokens (YTN_creatorname). The more an entrepreneur succeeds, the more their YTN_creatorname price grows, bringing benefits to them and their investor(s). It works in a fashion similar to stocks on the stock market.

What happens to unsold tokens? Do you plan to buy back or burn tokens?

If we do not sell all 350M tokens in our crowdsale, we will burn the unsold tokens. We will also burn proportional tokens from the remaining supply. This ensures the crowd owns 35% of all created tokens.

How long are the team and partner tokens locked?
  • We will freeze  15% of tokens issued to YouToken founders & managers for 6 months after the crowdsale (until Dec, 2018.)
  • We will freeze 10% of tokens issued to advisors for 3 months after the crowdsale (until Sept, 2018)

Also, 25% of tokens issued to the company will not be listed on exchanges in common cases.

What exchanges are you planning to be listed on?

We expect to be  listed on Okex, Kucoin, HitBTC, CoinExchange, BigOne, EtherDelta, Сobinhood, Evercoin, and more.

Marketing Questions

Are you on an ICO tracker?

We are currently on ICO bazaar and ICO holder and an number of other ICO rating websites.

How are you actively marketing your project?

We combine the practices of inbound and outbound marketing to effectively deliver our messages.

Do you have a referral?

Yes we have a referral program. We offer an additional 5% bonus for both affilatee and referrer. Participate here


  • Send your referral link to your friends. When they click on it, they will be redirected to the pre-order page ico.youtoken.io
  • Everyone that you invited will get an additional 5% bonus for the first replenishment.
  • As an invited person, you will receive 5% of the amount by the person who invited you. (This 5% is calculated without taking into account bonuses).
How do I see my YTN in metamask?

To view your token balance on Metamask, follow these steps:

  1. Open and unlock the Metamask plugin in your browser;
  2. Select the "TOKENS" tab below your balance;
  3. Press the "ADD TOKEN" button
  4. Input this information in their respective fields

Token Contract Address: 0x356b5ee3dd72c380132d803a689f02bf3abc2c3d

Token Symbol:

YTNDecimals of Precision: 18