YouToken's Main Competitive Advantages (Part II)

Anthony Cerullo
February 25, 2018

Thanks for joining us for part two of "YouToken's Main Competitive Advantages." If you haven't done so already, please check out part one and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Alright, enough casual talk for now. Let's dive right back into the facts. Where were we? Oh yes, that's right. We were just about to compare YouToken to Traditional banks and new, P2P lending sites. 


This section can be summed up in a few words. Simply put, traditional banks and new P2P lending sites just don't care much about the entrepreneur. Their main concern is to get their money back plus interest. YouToken, however, supports you and is interested in their user's growth. After all, the success of YouToken is entirely dependent on the quantity an quality of its community. Hence, caring is all apart of the job. 

Another key point to look at is the sign-up process. If you go to a traditional bank to receive a loan, the entire process can take up to 60-90 days. During this time, the banks will review your credit scores, tax returns, financial status, business plans and more. To say the least, approval can be difficult. 

Now, turn your attention to the image below. This is the sign-up process for YouToken. No massive piles of paperwork, legal entities, cash flows or regional (country) limits here. Ultimately, YouToken wants to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs and investors to connect so both parties can help each other and benefit the community.


Now, this section is a little different. YouToken doesn't consider Business Accelerators and VCs (such as 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Starta Ventures etc) as competitors. Instead, they are more like our partners. That's because they are after the same goal and YouToken will help them by providing a tool to find innovative entrepreneurs at the early stage of success and for a cheap price. However, there is one major difference.

To enter a VC fund, you need to deposit thousands. This makes investing an activity only for the wealthy and that's just not fair. YouToken opens the doors for millions of potential investors who only have something like $100 to invest in a project. YouToken also makes it easier for entrepreneurs in this category too.

Typically, business accelerators will ask an entrepreneur for at least a minimum viable product (MVP), a company and a team before even applying for an investment. They do this for a reason but it really restricts entrepreneurs who might not have the resources to put this three qualities together. As a result, they could go over to YouToken who only require your idea, passion, and commitment. 

Upon joining the YouToken platform, an entrepreneur gains access to a massive community of investors to choose from. Currently, YouToken is building up an efficient network with some of the best VCs and accelerators found in Silicon Valley, New York City and other markets worldwide. 


Last but certainly not least, we will analyze the competition against our modern, blockchain competitors. Maybe you think we all just copy each other but that's not the case. The YouToken Marketplace is not just another "MicroICO" platform. Entrepreneurs are not abandoned once they raise their initial amount. Instead, they are supported throughout the entire process of their "business life cycle."

Furthermore, their "lifetime value" increases through the success of their projects. Ultimately, YouToken is not just about the funding. It's about the support, the guidance, and advisors from a global community and strong network of professional "accelerators."

Both investors and entrepreneurs alike have the chance to benefit from the entire system and watch their YTN token grow in value. Also, as owners of YTN_Creatorname tokens, investors instantly benefit from different types of smart contracts like (Debt, revenue share, and equity). The overall price of YTN_Creatorname is calculated based on the discounted cash flow method

So as you can see, this is a complex ecosystem. Not just a place to get your money and go. We use the term ecosystem because it is an environment where life starts, develops and benefits from the success of other life around it. Hopefully, you an join us, find your place within in the community and help it grow. 


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