YouToken Update: Proof-of-Concept, DAICO and More!

Anthony Cerullo
March 16, 2018

Hello everyone. We here at YouToken are pleased to send you off into the weekend with some exciting news. As you probably noticed, we have a few new additions to our landing page. They're pretty self-explanatory but just to prevent any confusion, let's go over them together. On top of that, we have some more motivational material to share regarding our future. 


If you navigate to our landing page, you'll notice a few different additions. Let's start off with the countdown. It's new, it's fresh and it's all about our DAICO. Yes, we've finally left the comfort of our initial "pre-order" stage and have graduated to our "Proof-of-Concept" stage. We could not have got here without all you fine contributors. So truly, we thank you for believing in us at such an early stage.

Although the 30% bonus is now over, there are plenty of perks to come in the future. So if you've been with us since the beginning, stay with us. If you're new, then don't feel like you've missed out on anything. The road to success is a long one and we're just getting started. If you have any questions about our past, present or future stages, please consult our community managers. We're always here for you!


We have a few different milestones for our Proof-of-Concept stage. These include:

  • Fundraising of $300,000 (soft cap)
  • The launch of the YouToken platform (Alpha version)
  • The establishment of a proper legal structure (by the end of our Proof-of-Concept Stage)

Keep in mind that the token price for this stage is still $0.10/YTN and we still have our 5% referral bonus intact. These are exciting times to be apart of the YouToken community. We are on track with all of our goals, delivering what we promised and expanding by the day. Not to sound cliche, but YouToken is truly getting bigger, faster and stronger. But the good news doesn't end here everyone. We have something even better to share with you.


Our last update for today revolves around April 2-3, 2018. During that time, YouToken will attend the Global Blockchain Forum in San Francisco. Aside from that, our advisor, innovation strategist, and friend Bill O'Connor will be a VIP speaker at this event. Using his top-tier connections, YouToken will not only attend the event, but we'll have our very own booth to present our concept to over 2000+ blockchain enthusiasts. We'll be working side by side with some of the greatest minds in the blockchain community and the relationships we forge will be instrumental to our future success.

But this isn't just good news for YouToken, it's good news for us all! Our continued growth and success benefits everyone invovled. So, thank you once again for believing in this project and supporting our evolution. There will be many more, positive updates like this to come so keep an eye on our blog and communication channels at all times. 


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