YouToken Update March 2, 2018: Message to Early Adopters

Anthony Cerullo
March 2, 2018

Dear Early Adopters,

This has been a very good week for you. Once again, we here at YouToken have good news to share! Since you all bought YTN tokens before March 1st, you can now use our new smart contract to add these tokens to your wallet. Yes, that means you don't have to wait until March 16th. You can see YTN in your wallet right this very moment.

To do so,

- Log into your ethereum wallet

- Navigate to "add tokens"

- Click on it and paste the address of our smart contract     (0x356b5ee3dd72c380132d803a689f02bf3abc2c3d)

- Now, you will see your balance of YTN's purchased before March 1st.

Note: If you bought YTN after March 1st, then you can still check your balance on the "Member Ledger" page before the YTN are transferred to your ethereum wallet.

As always, our team is here waiting to help if you have any further questions. Contact us at our usual hangouts at Slack, Telegram or

Thank you again.


The YouToken Team


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