YouToken Update and Token Distribution

Anthony Cerullo
March 14, 2018

Before we delve into the inner working of YouToken's token distribution model, we have a quick reminder for you all. As many of you have heard, March 15th, 2018 marks the end of the pre-order stage. For those who have yet to invest, do so quickly because this is the last chance to capitalize on the 30% bonus offer. If you already participated, thank you. We're excited to begin our Proof-of-Concept stage on March 16th. Ok, enough updates. Let's move onto some cold, hard facts regarding token distribution.


It's easy to lose yourself in that beautiful, colorful graph. But let's go over some details. As you can see, the 35%, red section is the largest portion. These tokens are for the crowdsale purposes. We will distribute them to supporters like you. They'll also help with fundraising purposes and community engagement. 

Next, you'll notice YouToken gets 25% of tokens. This number of tokens will be frozen for a period of 6 months after the platform is launched (we will freeze this number of tokens for the purposes of keeping the YTN price stable and to minimize the risks of token devaluation). This process ensures the stable development fo the project and will help us reserve tokens for risk mitigation purposes. 


Coming in at 15% of token distribution are the founders and managers of YouToken. Our team of industry experts works hard to make us the number one blockchain crowdfunding platform. This 15% will be frozen for a period of six months after the platform launches. The reasoning for this is that by freezing these tokens, the price of YTN stabilizes and we minimize the risk of any token devaluation. Furthermore, it helps us keep the team motivated and ensure's the team's further return on investment. 

Next, we have 10% of our tokens which go to our advisors. To keep YouToken ahead of the competition, we need a strong team of advisors. Furthermore, we will freeze this number of tokens for the same reasons as stated above. 

Also getting 10% of tokens will be the YouToken community advisors. Their main focus is to help entrepreneurs succeed. Once the platform launches, every YouToken user will benefit from this by helping entrepreneurs register on the YouToken marketplace with valuable advice. Community advisors will work closely with registered entrepreneurs by helping them develop and improve their unique ideas. Hence, this part of token distribution is vital in helping entrepreneurs minimize risks of failure. 

Last but certainly not least, we have 5% of tokens that will go toward community growth. We need these tokens for the bounty programs and referral activities. As a result, by benefiting the most active and engaged users, we will be able to grow faster as a brand.


As mentioned in the introduction of this article, our pre-sale ends on March 15, 2018. The following day, we will begin our Proof of Concept crowdsale. Here's a little background information regarding this stage:

This stage helps to form an investors community and collect auditory. The “Proof of Concept” stage is necessary to prove our project’s unique innovation. We already have the necessary starting capital, but we want to ensure the necessity of a blockchain crowdfunding platform.

  • 100,000,000 total tokens supply
  • $300,000 min cap
  • $0,10 = 1 YTN Price is set in ETH when smart contract is published.
  • 5% bonus tokens you will get if purchase tokens by referral link

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us on Reddit, Slack or Telegram. Alternatively, feel free to email for any assistance. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more juicy updates!


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