YouToken Security Information And Scam Prevention

Anthony Cerullo
March 19, 2018

So far, we've been fortunate enough to avoid any major security-related issues at YouToken but that doesn't mean us or our community is immune from such attacks. Scammers are getting more creative by the day so it's essential you all know how to spot them before they have the chance to attack. We'll go over a few key words of advice in a second. But first, let address a few concerns regarding YouToken's own methodology of user protection.


This question is floating around the YouToken community as of late and it's a good one. In the realm of investment, risk assessment is an essential part of the process. While we'd like to think YouToken users are all upstanding citizens, we can't guarantee a couple bad eggs won't be lurking around. Worry not though, for we have a plan. 

As an investor and entrepreneur, you'll have access to an experienced team of community advisors. Their main focus is to help entrepreneurs and investors to succeed. Every YouToken user can benefit from this group. Community advisors will work closely with the registered entrepreneurs/investors by helping them develop and improve their unique ideas and make informed decisions based on their investment and minimize risk of failure. 


While this was already mentioned in the "Customer Journey" blog post, investor protection is important enough to bring up again. Investors are always worried about someone running away with their money and rightfully so. YouToken is well aware of that risk which is why we developed smart contracts that separate us from the rest of the competition. You won't find this in traditional crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

When the entrepreneurs raise funds through their crowdsale, these funds do not go directly to the entrepreneur. Instead, they are stored in "Vault", a programmatic storage that stores funds for the “Production” stage of a project. In order to receive the funds, the entrepreneur needs to complete the smart contract's terms. If they fail to do so, then the unused funds are returned to investors. 

All that being said, investment always comes with some sort of risk. There is no "100% success guarantee investment" out there. Hence, an investor should always do their own research and consult our community advisors to ensure they make the best decisions. 


Now that we've established how YouToken protects it's users from a scam, it's time to look at what you can do on a personal level. Below, here are a few key tips to always keep in mind to ensure your safety


Always double the address bar when you visit YouToken. Scammers will often change just one letter of the website address to trick people and bring them to a fraudulent site. Our real address will always look like ( with an SSL EV Certificate next to it. 


If you ever receive an email from a member of YouToken announcing the start of some new token sale or something similar, always check the address from which it came. We are past our pre-sale stage and we never offer private sales. So don't believe anyone who offers you a special discount or offer. If we do offer something special, it will be to all community members at the same time and same date. No exceptions. Furthermore, we will always make an announcement about any token sale on our blog. 


Telegram is a wonderful way to connect with our community but it does not provide protection from scammers outside. Anyone can chime in and send private messages. We've already had a couple cases of people pretending to be our admins. So, take some time and check out the names below. This is a list of all our Telegram admins. If we add any more, we'll notify the community with the pinned message on our Telegram channel. If you hear from someone claiming to be an admin that's not these six people, then notify us immediately. 

Alex (@alexvinny)

Anthony (@ACerullo)

Ilya Volkov (@IlyaVvv)

Mark (@havin_a_daydream)

Renat (@acusticdemon)

Ivan Kv (@ivankvhere)


YouToken will never send you an ETH address and ask you to contribute via e-mail, social media or messenger service. Any official announcements will be made via our website or official email (

Hopefully, that clears a few questions up for you. Your safety is a top priority of ours so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please reach out and let us know. Thanks for reading!


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