YouToken Security, Data Protection and Anti-Fraud

Anthony Cerullo
March 8, 2018

We can gush over all the benefits of blockchain technology until the sun sets and rises again but no matter how much you avoid it, the topic of security is always there. 2017 was a particularly brutal year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as we saw the number of fraudulent ICOs and scams increase. Hence, we'd like to take this time to address how YouToken operates when it comes to security, data protection and fraud prevention.


We take security and data protection extremely seriously. Not only for members of our own team but for each and every one of you in the community. In order to ensure our users have the strongest data protection features available, our platform utilizes a few different precautions. Let's start with the entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur has to be approved by YouToken before their project his the marketplace. In terms of ID verification, we use only the latest verification technology and services (e.g. IDNow).


It's also worth noting that YouToken does not collect any personal data of its users. If anyone claiming to be from the YouToken team asks for your personal data, DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY. If this happens, please consult any of the admins on our Slack and Telegram channels or email Lastly, token holders can see some aspects of personal data from the smart contract and YTN_creatorname tokens have the personal data of the creator.


In terms of YouToken’s mission to establish security and prevent fraud, we will comply with European Union, U.S., and other worldwide regulations. Additionally, we will use KYC procedures in order to protect our customers’ interests. Implementation of these procedures starts from completion of the crowdsale and the launch of our marketplace.

As always, the YouToken team is here to help if you have any further questions. Follow the links above which direct you to our communication channels. Transparency is our mission so please don't hesitate to ask us anything about security or other topics that come to mind. Thank you for your cooperation, participation and keep an eye out for more blog updates tomorrow.


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