YouToken's Security Tips For The Crypto World

Anthony Cerullo
February 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular by the day which is great news for platforms like YouToken and everyone else in the crypto world. However, there is always a dark side to something gaining exposure. In this case, it's security. There's an increasing amount of fraudulent attacks on innocent people and their cryptocurrency wallets. Not all hope is lost though. With a few key measures in place, you can use blockchain technology to its full potential without a single worry. 


In an ideal world, all crypto traders shouldn't have a PC or mac their primary machines. These are the most vulnerable to malware attacks. However, seeing as these are the two most popular operating systems in the world, it doesn't look like everyone will immediately switch to something like Linux, Qubes or Unix. Hence, you need to ensure your PC is stronger than it even needs to be.

If you're an avid crypto trader using a PC, always make sure it has the latest antivirus and firewall for your transactions. Never (ever!) assume your security is up to date without checking it. All it takes is just one small vulnerability to have your computer hacked.


We know you love your dog and your favorite football team but when it comes to making passwords, you have to get a little more creative than that. Do you really want to be that guy who invested thousands of dollars into crypto just to have it all stolen because some random thief guessed your password? Don't be lazy. 

Use strong passwords with at least 15 characters. We're talking upper case, lower case, odd characters, numbers and anything else you can think of to make it as unique as possible. Ultimately, the best passwords in the world look like complete nonsense. But now you're thinking that's hard to remember. Yes, that's the point. Back it up on a piece of paper and store it away with a lock and key if you have to. Going the extra mile with your password is well worth the effort. 


Anyone who's been around technology long enough knows this old trick. Your device is not invincible. Things happen, babies spill juice on the keyboard, smartphones burst into flames, etc. Life throws you some unexpected twists sometimes and you need to be prepared. Therefore, you should always back up your data.

So get a few different thumb drives, back up your crypto wallets and information on a colocation server, encryption-based file servers or anything else you can think off. You won't regret it. 


Hackers are clever. They specifically design malicious codes that modify javascript to intercept private information. Most browsers have many extensions running on these scrtips. Hence, making them extra vulnerable to attack. One good tip is to download an extension "HTTP Everywhere." This extension blocks or identifies any non-secure websites and also prevents any unverified javascript from running on your browser. 

Another good idea to consider is using a virtual private network (VPN) that secures and encrypts your online activities. Of course, ad blockers are a must to stop ads from running on your browser and tracking your online activities. 


All this crypto security talk is probably making you paranoid now. No need to fear though for YouToken is doing everything in its power to ensure users are safe from any malicious activity. 

In order to ensure YouToken users have the strongest data protection features available, our platform takes the following precautions:


  • Every entrepreneur has to be approved by YouToken before their project hits the marketplace
  • We use only the latest verification technology and services (i.e. IDNow)
  • YTN_creatorname token has the personal data of the creator
  • YouToken does not collect any personal data of its users
  • Token holders can see some aspects of personal data from the smart contract.

Furthermore, we will make sure to comply with all European Union, U.S.A., and any other worldwide regulations.  Additionally, we will use KYC procedures in order to protect our customer's interests. Implementation of these procedures begins at the completion of the crowdsale and the launch of our marketplace.

But as always, the weakest link when it comes to security is always the individual person. So in order for our security measures to work, you also must be well informed on the potential dangers out there. Hopefully, after reading this article, your crypto experiences will only be positive from here on out. 




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