YouToken Investment Foundation

December 29, 2017

The YouToken Investment Foundation supports any number of projects in trending tech areas. Now you can exchange your idea and/or fiat money for YouTokens (YTN). 

YouToken accelerates entrepreneurs and connects them with investors. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to receive financial support from YouToken investors. As an investor, you will be able to support YouToken entrepreneurs by obtaining YouTokens (YTN). Below are three ways you can join our community. 

For Early Adopters

As an early adopter, you can invest in YTN today. As YTN is not yet offered for purchase on crypto-exchanges, you can obtain the tokens from us directly by completing the following steps:

1.     Sign up for one of our educational programs here.

2.     Complete the program(s) to get your score.

3.     Get YouTokens in exchange for your score. (1 score = 3 YTN)

* We are very selective when it comes to building our community, as it will establish the future of YouToken. Thus, the top students will be compensated with more YouTokens. 

For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you will have the chance to get financial support and acceleration from YouToken. Send us an email at If your project seems unique to us, we will dedicate our resources to help you gain support and acceleration.    

For VC Investors

As a VC investor, you will be able to support YouToken entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary capital. By purchasing large amounts of tokens (YTN) with fiat money, you will receive a percentage of ownership in the projects - members of the YouToken Foundation. You will also be able to fund the best entrepreneurs directly by investing in tokens linked to the entrepreneurs’ smart contracts. Send us an email at to learn more about this opportunity.


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