YouToken Joins Dynamic Korean Startups at BootUp Ventures Startup Pitch

Anthony Cerullo
June 15, 2018

As another busy week comes to a close at YouToken, we have some exciting updates to share with you. Our partner and Silicon Valley office BootUp Ventures recently held a Korean Startups Pitch which YouToken was honored to take part in. In addition, our CMO Ivan Kv and Chief Development Officer Marina Wolters have been globetrotting to various blockchain forums to gather market insight and make connections within the industry. We just wanted to take this opportunity to share these exciting events with our community in greater detail.


Our Silicon Valley location at BootUp Ventures is a thriving startup environment where innovative ideas are born. However, these qualities were taken to new heights this past weekend when five, high potential startups from Korea stopped by. BootUp Ventures hosted a startups pitch for the following five projects:

Plassmapp: plasma sterilization for medical tools

Eagon Tech: Self-care wash center construction company

LiBEST: Flexible battery and wireless apple watch charging strap

Blue Signal: Adaptive traffic management solution

The Wave Talk: Real-time bacteria inspection system.

Rounding out this group of dynamic startups was YouToken. At the event, we got to collaborate with these projects while pitching our core concept to event participants. These participants were given a chance to invest their “event cash” into the startups while simultaneously reviewing their demo tables in BootUp’s courtyard.

After the mini “startup forum” was complete, each project took center stage to engage in a pitch competition. As a result, YouToken exposed our idea to a group of international investors that would otherwise be unaware of our operation. Ultimately, we made some lasting connections with some investors that could be a vital part of our future.


Another bit of exciting news to share involves YouToken’s participation at a U.K.-based blockchain event. Crypto data provider CryptoCompare teamed up with event organizer MJAC that brought blockchain technology to the heart of London. This one day conference featured representatives from titans in the industry such as Coinbase, Ripple, Citigroup and more. Rounding out the conference were 50+ companies that all gathered to address the most pressing aspects of the blockchain industry. Representing YouToken was CMO Ivan Kv who made a series of beneficial connections there that will help propel YouToken to new heights on our journey.


For those who have not been following along recently, YouToken just made an important announcement last week.  We recently made a deal with a strategic partner that offers YouToken additional resources. As a result, our ICO, which was originally planned to begin on May 1, 2018, and end on June 30, 2018, will be moved to September 17, 2018 – November 19, 2018. This could ultimately benefit the community because YTN tokens may get an immediate liquidity after the launch of our affiliated exchange (which we are building together with our strategic partners).

If you have any questions regarding this news, don’t hesitate to contact an admin on our Telegram group or send us an email at We thank you for your continued encouragement throughout our evolution!


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