Get to Know YouToken's Investors and Partners

Anthony Cerullo
March 13, 2018

Have you been to our website lately? It's getting more beautiful by the day but there are still some segments that might remain unclear to you. Take our investors and partners for example. The names are all there on the landing page but what's the story behind them all? As a project that prides itself on communication and transparency, let's take a brief moment and introduce you to our five respected and innovative partners. 


Libertex is a widely known online trading terminal providing more than 2.2 million customers worldwide with an opportunity to trade over 170 tradable assets. The organization has accumulated 30 international awards from various financial magazines and intuitions for their outstanding customer support and innovative tech solutions.


With 20 years of online-trading and financial market experience, Forex Club has helped their clients trade stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, gold, oil, gas and agriculture. Their overall mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone to “play, learn and trade” within the financial market


Alpha Omega built a “library of human wisdom” where users can go to seek answers to life’s most difficult questions. Using dense, but digestible videos, Alpha Omega makes it easy for users to get their daily dose of philosophy and perspective in one convenient location.


Investory “stories about investing” is a unique “edutainment” project that gives users dailyinsights on investing with simple, fun and effective videos. With a multinational team that has over 25 years of finance and tech experience, Investory breaks down the myth that investing is complicated, boring and only for the wealthy.


Cekura is a Danish company that is the “future of old-age security, old-age service, and safety for all.” Using the latest and best technology on the market, Cekura provides a security system and service based on trust, experience, and empathy


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