YouToken Customer Journey (Part I)

Anthony Cerullo
February 27, 2018

A typical attribute found in narratology and classic mythology is that of the "hero's journey." It's a rather broad quality but for the most part, it involves a hero going on an adventure, overcoming obstacles, becoming a victor and returning home a changed person. At YouToken, we have a similar process but we call it the "customer journey." It's a detailed process but by analyzing how it works and how it benefits the customer, you'll have a greater understanding of this platform. Let's start with the basics. 


Let's break it down in real simple terms for everyone out there. The YouToken platform connects two types of users. We call these:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors

Once these two users meet, then they enter the three project stages:

  1. Crowdsale- raising funds for the project.
  2. Production- Entrepreneur raises funds and starts working on their project. 
  3. Existence- the project is developed and business processes are launched. 

*Vault is a programmatic storage that stores all funds gathered from the "Production" stage of a project (more on this later.)

Great. Now that we're all caught up on the basics, let's see where the customer begins their adventure on day one. 


We could just tell you the plain, simple facts but that's no fun for anyone. So let's make a fun little story out of this, shall we? Every good customer journey starts with an entrepreneur and today, ours goes by the name of Alberto Feinstein. Alberto has a brilliant idea for a new, blockchain-based quantum physics startup but lacks the funds to put it into action. Hence, he turns to YouToken to become "tokenized."

Signing up on YouToken is criminally simple. Any entrepreneur who wants to get "tokenized" just needs to sign up on the platform using "social sign up" or with an email and password. Alberto chooses the second option and now, it's time to pick an identity (entrepreneur or investor). As a result, he picks "entrepreneur"  and moves on to the next step.


Now that the sign-up process is complete, Albert needs to set up his profile. Here is an example:

  • Full Name: Alberto Newton Feinstein
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 14/3/1990
  • Creator Name (to be used for naming YTN_creatorname tokens.) The creator name cannot be changed after the smart contract for the first project is issued. In this example, the token is called "YTN_albertofeinstein."
  • Country/City: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Profile Photo
  • "About me" description (for the personal page): I am a German-based theoretical physicist who developed a blockchain based platform that stores all content related to the theory of relativity and allows users to rate and share this amongst a community.
  • List of entrepreneur profiles on their social networks. 


Now that Alberto is registered on the platform, he can feature his idea/project on the YouToken Marketplace. The platform is specifically designed to help and engage entrepreneurs in a quick and effective manner. Here, a creator like Alberto can immediately start his crowdsale program or choose to first consult the YouToken Community Advisors to verify his idea. If Albert chooses this option, then he must go through a quick idea validation. The process operates in the following manner:

Quick idea validation (optional)

  1. Using a smartphone, film your video selfie in which you explain the uniqueness of your idea/project
  2. Fill out the "new project" form and upload your video on YouToken
  3. Get feedback from the YouToken community advisors ("Go"/"No Go" as a recommendation).

Once you've completed the validation or if you chose to bypass that option altogether, then it's time for the crowdsale to begin. But first, there is more information one must fill out. 

Crowdsale description:

Mandatory Fields

  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Smart Contract type (Donation, Debt, Revenue Share, Equity)
  • Crowdsale goal ($$$)
  • Crowdsale due date

Optional fields:

  • Media files (i.e. video, presentation, photo)
  • Growth roadmap
  • List of advisors
  • List of team members
  • Social Feeds

Production roadmap details for step 1

  • Name
  • Description
  • Goal
  • Due Date

Production requires at least one step. If a creator chooses to have more steps in the process, then they must fill out the roadmap details like you just saw above for every new step of the production process. 

Alberto is well on his way to turning his creative idea into a reality but for right now, it's time for him (and all of us reading) to take a break. In part two of the customer journey, we will discuss entrepreneur/project verification, the smart contract issuing process, YTN token distribution, crowdsale and more.  


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