This Is Why YouToken Values Community

Anthony Cerullo
February 11, 2018

This is a diverse blog we have going on here. Sometimes we talk about stats, facts, and newsworthy updates but today, we're going to get a little sentimental. Today, we're talking about community. Of course, without the genius technology behind the YouToken platform, none of this would exist (shout out to our developers). However, we need to acknowledge just how important our community is and why it adds value to the platform.


Whether you're a misunderstood entrepreneur or a down on your luck investor, everyone feels alone sometimes. Some people say loneliness drives determination and creativity and that might be true for a while. But you can only do so much by yourself. Eventually, you'll need the trust and support of a community to make your goals a reality. With YouToken, you'll have that and more.


You could say a community is simply a group of people. Like the neighborhood, you live or the office you work at. But a community is more than just those who surround you. A community helps you when you need it and makes you become a better version of yourself. Just think of a place where like-minded individuals with the same goal can all gather and discuss their ideas together. Collaborations form, new concepts are created and projects are transformed into a world-changing reality. This is the future of the YouToken platform and it's just one of many features you'll come to expect from us.


Just having a community itself is not unique. Discussion forums, Slack channels and more are a natural part of any business. So what makes this one different? Well, you probably know that blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiasts are a unique breed. This isn't just a normal person who claims they "like tech" (i.e. Apple iPhone users). People in this community are abnormally passionate, intelligent and dedicated to contributing to something greater than themselves. Everyone who understands the bigger picture knows that it's not just a fad and it's not going away anytime soon. This is revolutionary technology here and that makes the community more exciting than anything else. So if this is your first time hearing about all this, join now! It's never too late.


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