YouToken Bounty Update (Round 1 Results)

Anthony Cerullo
May 16, 2018

Attention bounty participants! The results are in! We know many of you have been waiting patiently to see the spreadsheet for round one of the YouToken bounty program and we thank you for cooperating. But before digging in to see the outcome of your hard work, we have a few small details to cover.


Quality and accuracy is something we not only strive for at YouToken but take extremely seriously. There are already enough fraudulent efforts out there in the crypto community and we don't need any more of it. Hence, YouToken took additional time to weed through all the bounty submissions and remove those participants that did not meet our standards.

Quite frankly, we do not have high standards when it comes to the bounty program.

As long as the submissions were 100% honest, original and followed the rules outlined in the program, then we accepted them. Any signs of plagiarism or low quality work were promptly denied. Please take some time and view the finalized spreadsheet for the YouToken Bounty Program (Round 1) here:

YouToken Stakes Spreadsheet (Round 1)


We've had a few questions regarding the value of each stake. To put it simply, tokens for one stake equals the total tokens for a single bounty / the total participation stakes for this single campaign. As for the value of one stake, we do not have that information yet as the ICO is not over. Once round two of the bounty program and ICO in general concludes, we can then calculate the value of one stake. Speaking of bounty program round two, let's dig into the details of that right now.


We all had so much fun with the YouToken bounty program in round one, that we decided to keep it going with another round! We do not have the updated rules for this round at the moment. Yet, we plan to publish them at the beginning of June 2018. What we can say though is that the structure of this new round will operate differently than before.

Since we had many issues with people cheating, submitting low-quality content and overall wasting everyone's time, these new rules will help ensure a more efficient process in round two. As a result, each person will fill out a new, special form to sign up for the bounty program. Just to remind you all, YouToken only accepts quality submissions. Anyone who tries to cheat the system will get banned from the bounty program permanently and blacklisted.

Again, everyone here at YouToken thanks you for being so patient during this process. Our Telegram admins are awaiting any questions you may have regarding this announcement. We look forward to speaking with you and starting another successful round of YouToken bounty!


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