See How YouToken Benefits Investors

Anthony Cerullo
February 10, 2018

So far, we've talked a lot about entrepreneurs and how YouToken opens all sorts of exciting doors for them. That's still true but the platform itself operates on a symbiotic relationship. Without investors, the entrepreneurs do not exist. So today, let's give some credit to those visionaries and examine the benefits they receive.


Before we dig into how the whole investing process works, let's start off with a simple question. Why would investors choose YouToken? It's a great remark really. After all, an investor can literally throw their money anywhere at any time. So what makes this platform so attractive?

The most important advantage for an investor on this platform is foresight. Think about when Google finally made it big and everyone was saying "I really wish I invested in them when they first started." Now, people are saying the same things about Bitcoin. Only a few lucky ones had the foresight to capitalize on those investments. However, with our platform, getting the chance to invest in a talented creator at the early stage of success is easier than ever.


The process is as easy as buying something on Amazon. YouToken assigns unique creator tokens (YTN_creatorname) to each entrepreneur who is registered in the marketplace. Investors then scroll through this marketplace, looking for innovative ideas or projects they think will succeed. Once they make the choice, then the investor purchases an entrepreneur's creator token (YTN_creatorname). Once the project takes off, the creator token rises in value, bringing benefits to the investor. It's like a blockchain based stock market.


If you're an investor, then you're a smart person always looking for the next cutting-edge opportunity. Well, this is it. On our platform, it's not just a matter of investing in creators. Here, you get options to maximize your success. This is represented by our four unique Smart Contracts (donation/sponsorship, debt, revenue share, equity). Each smart contract brings something special to the platform that you can't find anywhere else. If all that wasn't enough to get you excited, then think about the bigger picture.

Not only are you supporting an entrepreneur who never got a fair shot at success but you are also supporting the overall movement towards a decentralized economy. An economy where the power (and money) is put back in the hands of the people who keep society afloat. Inspired yet? Nothing is stopping you from joining our community now so visit our homepage and start investing!


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