How YouToken Ushers In A New Generation of Entrepreneurs and Investors

Anthony Cerullo
January 29, 2018

Remember that time you had that great idea? You know the one. It was edgy, unique and thought-provoking. You believed it had true potential to make a difference in this world. But what happened to that idea? Most people lack the resources to turn their ideas into a reality but that is a problem of the past. With YouToken, entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to convert their intelligence into value while investors get the chance to discover “the next Elon Musk."

How YouToken Befits Entrepreneurs and Investors

With YouToken, entrepreneurs have a new opportunity to turn their brilliant ideas into reality and create real value from their intelligence. Furthermore, they get to be apart of a vibrant community of likeminded self-starters that help each other grow and support each other's projects.

On the investing side of YouToken, venture capitalists have the opportunity to invest in a talented entrepreneur of their choosing at the earliest stages of their success. We all know the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk is out there. Imagine if you were the one to discover them first?

How Does YouToken Work?

The foundation of the YouToken platform is you, the individual. Once a creator registers an idea to the marketplace, they are assigned a personalized token (represented as YTN_creatorname). This token essentially represents you and your idea. If an investor takes particular interest in you, they can support your project by purchasing the YTN_creator name token.

As the entrepreneur continues to grow and succeed, the value of their token rises along with them. This benefits both the entrepreneur and the investor. Think of it like the stock market. Let's look at Apple as an example. As Apple continues to grow as a company, their stock rises in value. In turn, those who invest in Apple have more valuable stocks that they can sell or trade on the market. Now apply that concept to the entrepreneur, and you have the concept behind YouToken.

YouToken and Beyond

While community members can buy, sell and trade individual tokens within the platform, there is also a coin that represents YouToken on the whole. "YTNcoin" is a digital asset that can be bought, sold and traded on external crypto-exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex etc.  Of course, the value of YTNcoin is directly related to the quantity and quality of entrepreneurs registered on YouToken.

Investors have the chance to invest in both the YTN coin and also the individual, entrepreneur tokens (YTN_creator name). If a creator's YTN_creatorname reaches high capitalization, then YouToken will assist the entrepreneur in moving it to external exchanges where it can be bought, sold and traded with the top cryptocurrencies in the world.

Ultimately, successful investors contribute to the individual, not the product. YouToken capitalizes on this by allowing entrepreneurs the chance to add value to their character and the ideas behind it. Meanwhile, investors get a unique chance to experiment with multiple concepts, spread the risk around and avoid putting all their money on just one, “make or break idea.” The only question now is, when will you “tokenize” yourself?


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