Entrepreneur Ideas: 5 Trending Concepts You'll See in 2018

Anthony Cerullo
February 19, 2018

YouToken supports innovation. Our platform only succeeds if our community succeeds. Therefore, it's in our best interest to give you all the best tips that help to launch a unique project. It's not easy to predict the future and find out what "the next big thing is" but by looking at some trending industries around the world, you can be ahead of the pack and on your way to creating something truly special. Here are five ideas to get you started in 2018.


Big data is here and it's here to stay. Major firms like Tableau, New Relic, Alation, Teradata and more all want to tap into new databases and get ahead of the competition. This job isn't all just number crunching though. There is an art behind it all. One must be able to analyze the numbers, make sense of them and use the information to create unique insights about the future for businesses to use. With the right tools and knowledge, you could easily set yourself in prime position before big data really explodes.


3D printing has been around for a while now but it's still not entirely mainstream yet. Hence, 2018 is the perfect year to set yourself up and prepare for the inevitable rise in popularity. The idea behind a 3D printing shop is simple. 3D printers are expensive and no one really has their own yet.

By setting up a shop with a series of printers, you open your doors to a large audience who doesn't have access to such technology. In the future, people won't go to Amazon to buy something small like spare camera parts. Instead, they'll just walk into their local 3D printing shop and have one made on the spot.


When Tesla first burst onto the scene a few years ago and made electric cars cool, society never looked back. The only thing preventing many people from "going electric" is the stress regarding fueling. Unless you live in certain areas, electric car charging stations are not readily available. But the demand for electric cars is not slowing down. The electric Nissan Leaf sold out even before the car hit dealerships in the U.S.

So if you want to get a head start on society, look into a car charging business of some sort. This will not be your average gas station though. Electric cars often take a couple hours to charge. A minor inconvenience but think about the possible opportunities that could open up for your business. Charging stations won't just be places where you get a cheap coffee and fuel anymore. They might be an all-in-one cultural center.


As technology continues to develop, new breakthroughs in science will come along with it. That means there is a higher demand for those educated in math, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, engineering and more. Just like YouToken, society is starting to put a value on intelligence in more ways than ever before. Leave the manual labor for the robots in the future. It's time to expand your mind.


Since Henry Edward "Ed" Roberts invented the first personal computer in 1975, computer engineering has been in high demand. This trend will continue in an upward direction in 2018 and beyond. While most of the basic, software development jobs are being outsourced, the demand for high-level computer experts is at an all-time high. This is particularly true in the finance and investment markets since high-speed computing proves to be a powerful, competitive advantage. Larger companies are always on the lookout for networks that are bigger, faster, stronger and more secure. You could be the person that helps them get there.

These are just a few great ideas to get your business started on the YouToken platform. Want to discuss it with like-minded people like you? Then head on over to your Slack, Telegram and Reddit pages and get started today.


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