DAICO Updates, KYC Details and More!

Anthony Cerullo
March 24, 2018

Dear friends, family and everyone else in between. We would like to take this opportunity to reveal some new information regarding our ICO ("DAICO"), KYC and also an exciting new feature on YouToken.io. 

  1. To begin, let's review our "DAICO" stage and all its details. Many of this is already in our whitepaper, but there are a few new additions. 

DAICO DATES: May 1st- June 30th

SOFT CAP*: $3,000,000

HARD CAP: $50,000,000


PRICE: 1YTN = $0.15

*If the soft cap goal is not met, all funds will be returned. The Smart Contract will burn all unsold/undistributed tokens. 

2. For our "DAICO" stage, we've added KYC and updated our restricted regions. Restricted regions are now officially China and Korea. However, you should always research your own country's rules as they may fall under certain restrictive regulations. 

3. In the United States, we accept accredited investors only. This falls under Rule 504 of Regulation D. We took all the necessary actions to comply with the requirements of Rule 506(c). (Commission rules require the notice to be filed by companies and funds that have sold securities without registration under the Securities Act of 1933).

4. YouToken has now established a legal entity in Singapore

5. You can now order YTN with any coins! Using the BestRate cryptocurrency converter, you can obtain YTN, BTC, LTC, XMR, ZEC, XRP, DASH and more. To do so, click on the "BestRate" tab on our order page which will redirect to the widget. 

We hope the aforementioned updates help to bring you the best YouToken experience possible! We're constantly working to improve ourselves so keep an eye on the blog for more information just like this. Have a great weekend!

Warm Regards,

The YouToken Team


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