Meet the Advisors: Marina Wolters

Anthony Cerullo
March 22, 2018

Marina Wolters is a well connected FinTech expert, knowledgeable Blockchain advisor, and the latest addition to the YouToken team. But as many of you know, titles only mean so much. Since receiving her MBA from Hult International Business school in 2015, Marina’s resume is a non-stop highlight reel. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have her on our side now and we are extremely pleased to introduce her to you.


One accolade of Marina’s that is particularly attractive to us is her past success as a startup founder. Where most startups fail in their early stages, Marina was able to successfully bootstrap the company to profitability within 8 months. From there, she quickly grew the team to 15 full-time employees while sustaining profit margins over 40%. Eventually, Marina sold the company for a profit.

After a successful and exciting run as a startup founder, Marina returned to one of her biggest passions. Whilst completing her MBA in 2014, Marina fell in love with finance. So, it was only natural to combine her 10-year tech experience with her passion for finance and join the FinTech and Blockchain industry. She remains there today as part of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center. There, she helps to lead FinTech and Blockchain practices for over 30 financial services companies.


As already established, Marina had found success long before meeting YouToken CEO Ilya Volkov last year at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center where she served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. By that time, her strongest traits were well developed and it’s what immediately caught our attention. Silicon Valley Innovation Center is “where companies go to grow and innovate.” Libertex was one such company and it set the stage for Ilya’s initial introduction to Marina.

Libertex brought with them a large team, all varied in background, skills, and demands. Marina was the only one in the program who had the foresight and organizational expertize to involve this diverse group of people and create a useful product from it all. This deep understanding of consumers (and people in general) is truly Marina’s competitive edge.

As a startup, establishing a solid framework with precise coordination is essential to success early on which is why so many ICOs fail in their initial months. With Marina’s flair for communication, coordination and goal execution, YouToken can stay focused and on target.


Aside from her natural talent and high business IQ, valuable connections are another big asset of Marina’s. Within the FinTech and blockchain industries, Marina is well acquainted with a number of big names as she has been advising Global Banks on Blockchain and FinTech strategies and partnerships. This is by no means a coincidence. Building (and keeping) strong bonds and turning prospects into close friends is a major ingredient to Marina’s success over the years. Now involved with YouToken, she will bring these connections along with her, opening up the door to new, unexplored opportunities to us. Furthermore, she will help us establish new relations along the way with her collaborative personality.


Blockchain innovation has become Marina’s primary focus as of late. This is not only evidenced by her partnership with YouToken but also with her participation at the Global Blockchain Forum. As co-producer, Marina will do what she does best in facilitating 2,000+ attendees from various backgrounds and bringing them together to find a common language.

The event features some of the brightest blockchain innovators, founders, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs who will share their insights and connect with new investment opportunities. We’re not only excited to attend this event and take advantage of all these benefits but we’re also excited for our friend Marina who has such a large role in this influential forum. As you can tell, we are very happy to officially bring Marina into the YouToken family so please give her a warm welcome!


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