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YouToken Platform

1. Decentralization

YouToken is a blockchain-based decentralized crowdfunding platform. We are building our platform as an Ethereum-based DApp.

The platform's main components include:

Compiler – a blockchain Ethereum-based application, which issues YTN_creatorname tokens and smart contracts for crowdsales.

Internal Decentralized Exchange – an exchange powered by 0x project technology.

2. Fastest Entrepreneur Signup

We use the latest AI-based KYC technologies to verify user identity in seconds and prevent creators from encountering roadblocks such as spending too much time on paperwork.

All creators' data is stored via Ethereum blockchain.

The user verification process is fast, secure, and built to protect investors from fraudulent activities. We make crowdfunding trustable again.

Our technology helps talented entrepreneurs get financial support for their projects more quickly than "classic" fiat money platforms.

3. Crowdfunding Powered by Smart Contracts

A contributor can invest in an entrepreneur's creative idea, just like one would invest in a company on the stock market. Entrepreneurs can establish connection with investors via four different types of smart contracts offered on the YouToken platform:

Donation/Sponsorship – classic crowdfunding model

Debt – this type of smart contract involves borrowing money to be repaid, plus interest

Revenue Share – this smart contract involves raising money by sharing revenues in a business

Equity – smart contract type that involves raising money by selling interest in a company

4. Crowdsale Smart Contract Model

All entrepreneurs' commitments are regulated by smart contracts and the investors’ voting process. Smart contracts dictate the terms for the projects’ development.

Investors decide whether or not the project step was completed, so that the process can move on to the next step. If the investors vote “completed,” then the entrepreneur receives the next portion of funds. If they vote “not completed,” then the remaining unused funds from crowdsale are returned to the investors.

What is YouToken?

YouToken is a unique platform that allows people to convert human intelligence into a financial asset (a token). YouToken helps entrepreneurs apply the power of ICO and raise funds for their ideas/projects.

Human intelligence has a value just like any other financial asset (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.). On the YouToken platform, an investor can contribute money to entrepreneurs’ creative ideas in a fashion similar to the way he/she can invest in stocks on the stock market.

We take people’s creative ideas and commitments and convert them into tokens.

Token Distribution & Use of Funds

Key documents

To be updated

The Whitepaper provides a complete picture of the YouToken project. From the basics like original motivation and token sale to the technical side of YouToken’s core technology.

The presentation provides an end-to-end examination displayed in a simple and convenient way.

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